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Raspberry Pi: Tuning the Kernel – 0.3

December 8, 2011 Leave a comment

For the 0.3 for my SBR600 project Tuning the Kernel, I planned to decide on a final kernel to release for the Raspi.

After the release of my 0.2 I was unsure of what I was I should change for this 0.3 release.

After conferring with Chris Tyler, I decided on changing the following from the stock kernel:

  • SATA/PATA support – OFF
  • PCI support – OFF
  • USB Support – Modular

I then ensured both IPv6 and SeLinux was supported.

kernel.img (4.7M)

For those interested, here is the make configuration file I used for this kernel   .config

The file size difference of this kernel compared to the original stock kernel is 33KB, while it is a fair amount still leaves the file size as 4.7M

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